Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. Isa. 54:2

It is time to “lengthen our cords and strengthen our stakes.” We are faced with an opportunity to link our past and the future by dedicating the next weeks and months to reflect, pray, and take bold steps of faith to build our legacy.

That’s why we have adopted the idea of a launching Legacy Stewardship Campaign. We are underscoring Faith, Family and Future to brand this campaign. It’s not just about raising money or brick and mortar, although reaching financial goals will make many other things possible. This campaign is about stretching to reach a God-given dream. If we allow God to do a deep work in our hearts and release a new level of generosity we can literally shape our church’s future.

This page will acquaint you with the next 50 Days of Focus and our Stewardship Campaign through inspirational and instructive videos and downloadable materials. Let’s join together in prayer and action to make our dreams a reality.



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50 Days of Focus is a church-wide stewardship campaign that will unite our congregation in faith, prayer, and help us to strengthen our spiritual growth. We will learn how to pray with more confidence and greater faith than ever before. These Days of Focus will help launch our church into a faith-filled future where God is using us to accomplish amazing exploits to spread His fame and word in our region and around the globe.